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free wordpress plugin Resoc Social Editor

free wordpress plugin Resoc Social Editor

free wordpress plugin Resoc Social Editor , free wordpress plugin

In this article, With the Introducing another one of other WordPress plugins are at your service.

plugin Resoc Social Editor, Would you like to know how your posts will look like when shared on social networks by your visitors? This social editor lets craft your OpenGraph metadata so you decide of your sharing design, neither Facebook nor LinkedIn.

You can easily and automatically integrate your logo or company name to you images, so your visitors’s friends and followers finally notice your brand.

Will the title fit the space allocated by Facebook in its news feed? Will the description be truncated? Wonder no more, the editor shows you its final look, whatever it is on desktop, iPhone or Android smartphone.

Using Yoast SEO? Perfect. We replace its classic Facebook OpenGraph editor with our.

In the background, the plugin is using the Resoc API to generate images that perfectly match Facebook recommandations.

free wordpress plugin Resoc Social Editor

Key features

  • WYSIWYG editor for Facebook and LinkedIn No more guess work, you know exactly what to expect when your content is shared.
  • Brand awareness Your logo was invisible all those years… Now your posts clearly sho where they are from.
  • Simple overlay editor Should your logo sit on the bottom left corner? The top right corner? You decide and edit in seconds.
  • Compatibility We generate images that respect Facebook specifications. They work everywhere, including LinekdIn, Slack, etc.


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